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Freddie Joachim - Dusted 2011

1. My Heaven
2. Since You Came
3. Hold On
4. All I Need
5. L & H


Question - Re-Deux 2011

01. Bows
02. Look To The Sky
03. Cabbage Row
04. My Star
05. Can't Do It


Question - Interludes & Interpretations 2011

01. First Notice
02. The Day After
03. Snappy
04. Ode To SP's
05. Frankly Speaking
06. Crawfish & Chips
07. Stompy Stomperton
08. Goin' To Wichita


Freddie Joachim - Dust 2010

01. Out Of Season
02. From Yesterday
03. New Way
04. Controlled By Your Love
05. What A Woman Really Needs

Freddie Joachim - The Joachim Remixes Vol. 5 2012

01. Corinne Bailey Rae - I Would Like To Call It Beauty (Remix)
02. Erykah Badu - Telephone (Remix)
03. Little Dragon - Twice (Remix)
04. Q-Tip - For The Nasty feat. Busta Rhymes (Remix)
05. Floetry - SupaStar feat. Common (Remix)
06. Freddie Joachim - Make Love Interlude
07. Telepopmusik - Brighton Beach (Remix)
08. Jill Scott - Golden (Remix)
09. Slakah The Beatchild - Bare Naked (Remix)
10. Toro Y Moi - Freak Love (Remix)
11. Freddie Joachim - Be Cavalier Interlude
12. D’Angelo - Left & Right (Remix)
13. Talib Kweli - Hostile Gospel (Remix)
14. Telepopmusik - Breathe (Remix)
15. Lauren Santiago - Just A Little Bit (Remix)
16. The Free Design - My Brother Woody (Remix)
17. Stevie Wonder - For Once In My Life (Remix)
18. Freddie Joachim - Morena
19. Freddie Joachim - Sweep Away My Sorrow


domingo, 29 de julho de 2012

Organized Threat - The Official Mixtape 2012

01. The Introduction
02. La Rey [VIDA KILLZ]
03. Black Pyramid [POETIC]
04. Liquid Metal [TRUE MASTERZ]
05. Bristo [PAPA J.]
06. Survive [GAVLYN]
07. Noob Saibot [POETIC]
08. Blu Steel [TRUE MASTERZ]
09. Untitled [VIDA KILLZ]
10. Jinsei Tea [POETIC]
11. Manifesto [TRUE MASTERZ]
12. B.A.D [PAPA J.]
13. Step Off [GAVLYN]
14. Tomorrow's Yesterday [POETIC]
15. Angels & Demons [TRUE MASTERZ]
16. Artificial Intelligence [VIDA KILLZ]
17. The Outro


Poetic Death - Black Pyramid [Official Music Video]

Poetic Death - DARCIA 2012

01. Introduction ft. Kaila Sachse
02. Stay Awhile
03. [Skit] Detachment ft. Kaila Sachse
04. Darcia
05. Lady In Red
06. Path of Thorns
07. Lost In Translation
08. [Skit] New Chapters ft. Kaila Sachse
09. Path of Needles
10. Rose Petal Bliss
11. We Eat Our Dreams ft. Kaila Sachse


Swave Sevah – Wordz 2 Live By 2012

01. Words 2 Live By Intro
02. Such A Feelin’
03. I Ain’t The One
04. Stab Wounds
05. Comparing Bars Skit
06. Raise Da Bar
07. On Ya Own Two
08. Down (ft. Probe Rok)
09. Step Aside (ft. Killer Mike)
10. Self Defense
11. Cross Hairs (ft. Team Homi)


sábado, 28 de julho de 2012

Seek - 6 Dayz Of Torture EP 2012

Achou que tava light demais? Então toma... peso pesado agora, seguindo a linha dos videos abaixo. O insano mc SEEK do RADIx com o EP "6 Dayz Of Torture", chama neste projeto o duo de produtores franceses Grim Reaperz,  formado por Oxydz e Crown, aliados da Enemy Soil, dos bambambam da cena hard, representada pelos malucos, ILL Bill & Vinnie Paz que são "Heavy Metal Kings," Jedi Mind Tricks, Army of the Pharaohs, Vinnie Paz, Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind, Jus Allah, DJ Kwestion, Reef the Lost Cauze, Outerspace, Dutch, C-Lanc..., bomm, já da pra ter uma noção do que é, chega de blablabla segura que é peeeeeso.

01.6 Dayz Of Torture
02.Cold World
03.Hold On
05.Odds Are Stacked
06.52 Bars


"Devil's Reject" - Madchild

The Man With The Iron Fists - Official Trailer (HD)

Reef The Lost Cauze & Snowgoons - F*ck Rappers (Dir. by REEL WOLF) VIDEO


sexta-feira, 27 de julho de 2012

Funky DL's Tribute to J Dilla] - Dedication To The Fair Sex 2012


Finest Ego - Monthly Mix #013 2019

01. Astrological – Kudzu Vine
02. Plusga – Beat 04
03. Antitune – Stumblestep
04. Hieronymus – Good Use
05. Figub Brazlevic – In The Sky
06. Figub Brazlevic – Windows
07. Arts The Beatdoctor – Decreasing Daylight
08. Samon Kawamura – Tut-Take Mdmnr
09. Ol – Minus 613
10. Beatsofreen – Head Lock
11. Alterfix – We Got The Skills (bbb)
12. Repeat Pattern & Broke – Always Behind


Bugseed x Ill Sug - ILLA Beattape 2011


Bugseed - Boom Tape (mix) 2011


Bugseed - Bohemian Beatnik 2010


The Beat Tape Project presents The Chronicles Of Viktor: The MF'in Doom Beat Tape 2012

01.AiO - Out Of My Head
02.E the Fifth Letter - Rae Dawn (Remix)
03.Ben Poupore - Takin Off
04.Hillprop97 - Man Behind The Mask
05.Wiz1der - Summertime Pitch
06.Bless 1 - Now
07.Extra Titch - galpassarhinonicopapapa
08.Cachete - supershitBase
09.K. Olson - Berf
10.Da Fingaz - Legacy
11.DJ Dlux - Cest le Vie feat. Coralie Clement & MF Doom
12.Ben Poupore - Chillz
13.David Frank - Stars 
14.Dig Dug - WorkYourWayUp
15.DJ Mentos - Change The Beat (DJ Mentos Remix)
16.Grime Tha MC - Metal Face
17.Future Street - Strange Villians
18.Doc Battle - Nurses
19.Roku - Enemy
20.Daysun - Everywhere We Go
21.Gerrod Priest - Hello Doom
22.P.U.R.P. - Will Be
23.Blacc-El- Ivory Coast
24.DJ Daredevil - Ladies (DJ Daredevil Remix)
25.Blak Treez - DoomLike
26.Madscienz - Metal Flowers
27.Tut-Piece - Bump
28.Hercbeats - Characters
29.History The Producer - Chinese Food
30.Dig Dug - BingBongBing (MyFavoriteLadiesRmx)
31.NRJ - Total Knockout
32.ill MFKZ - Favorite Ladies (remix)
33.David Frank - Ayo Bitch
34.Jesus Of Swaggereth - Flaring Smoke
35.Onebeats - Aroma Vietnamita
36.Overlor - Mad Scientist
37.Vagabond - Chromeatic
38.JFilt - Ears Of Doom
39.K. Olson - Aliens
40.Stay Classy - The Herbaliser ft. Doom It Ain't Nuttin (Stay Classy Mix)
41.Kenny Jimenez - Night After Night
42.RDLN - Ex
43.Seasoned Tones - My Favorite Ladies (Remix)
44.Kenny Jimenez - A Time For Us
45.Theory - dOOM iMPOsTERS (Remix)
46.Codehalo - getItWet
47.Lonestar - Pure Sandalwood
48.Mac Nutz - Cousins
49.Dig Dug - Cold Intent
50.Mannyman - City Nights
51.Logikbomb - QuesaDILLA
52.Mark Coles (The Points) - Change The Beat (remix)
54.Scott Smith II - F.R.
55.Mercury Morris - Chocolate
56.King Greatness - Frankenstein
57.K. Olson - Cool Breezee Doom
58.Gee Wiz - MoodFM
59.Nate OG - Double Up
60.NRJ - Gritty Jazz
61.Sage - Lunch Break
62.Kenny Jimenez - Why
63.Onebeats - Que Es
64.Tut-Piece - Apples & Ghouls
65.Payday Jones - My Favorite Ladies (Remix)
66.Professah Vento (Of Supreme Clientele) - Old School Anime
67.Pytchblak - Burnett's Theme
68.Dr3W - Real Luv
69.Roads-Art - Madness
70.SF Perkele - Sticky Fingers
71.Shaolin Beats - Call It
72.Show & Prove Music - MFG (ShowProveMix)
73.Showalter - Son
74.Reap!! - Shut Your Piehole
75.StarnyBeats - Ladies (Remix)
76.Stay Classy - Vomit (Stay Classy Mix)
77.Stewie Vuiton - Change The Beat (Stewart Villain Remix)
78.Vagabond - Black Girl
79.SYAMAN - Doomz Day Off

80.Tay S. - Villian Wire Taps
81.The Expert - Melody (The Expert Remix)
82.The One - Illin' 
83.The Wetworks - Doom 
84.Treezy - Lost 
85.T-Wiz - Greatness
86.Undaworld Music - Frappachino 
87.Dr3w - Unheard Of 
88.Wiz1der - Smokey Come Close
89.Primal Beats - Shitty 
90.Chad Woo - Critique 
91.Kay Tee - Hittin' Heavy 
92.Vingthorthehurler - Vomitspit (remix)


The Beat Project - Theory - Filtered Soul 2012


Suhov - Instrumentals vol​.​01 2012

Beatmaker e produtor Suhov, apresentando em beats um pouco do hip-hop underground húngaro. Alta qualidade, baixa ai.

Nick tha 1da - BossaBang 2: Saudade 2010


Nick tha 1da - BossaBang! 2007



Culture King presents For The Love 2012: A Tribute To The Works Of J Dilla

Dom Pixote convida: Helião (RZO) e Rael da Rima em Curitiba - PR

É sábado agora, quem estiver por lá, não vacile! O BANG vai ser louco...

The Beat Tape Project - Return of the Tec: The Beatnuts Beat Tape 2012

01.Captain Morgan and Coke (Produced by Ill Tal)
02.Code Of Detroit (Produced by Nate O.G.) 
03.Cuban Cigars (Produced by Iceman Beats)
04.Do Good (Produced by Es-K) 
05.Ghost Walking (Produced by Jono Dorr) 
06.Green Monster (Produced by DJ Mr. Doc) 
07.Hey Baby (Produced by Mister Dynamite) 
08.I Wish (Produced by Kay Tee)
09.Lunatic Dolphin (Produced by Newstalgia) 
10.It Ain't Nothing (Produced by Enrichment)
11.Motivation (Produced by Outss)
12.Nuttz (Produced by Pytchblak)
13.Opened Up Wide (Produced by Seasoned Tones) 
14.Slax (Produced by BroadNMarket)
15.Spanishmoodz (Produced by J-Filt) 
16.Swing! (Produced by The Aqua League)
17.Stay There (Produced by Eightsense)
18.The Mirror Pt.2 (Produced by Dischoe)
19.The Tourist (Produced by Mudstone)
20.This Is Nuts (Produced by Gerrod Priest) 
21.Tolerance (Produced by 4AR)
22.U Locón (U Crazy) (Produced by Logikbomb)
23.Famoso (Produced by T-Mos)


Akua Naru - Akua Naru - Live & Aflame Sessions 2012

01.Journey Enter: Live 
02.Take A Ride 
03.The Backflip: Reflipped 
04.Nag Champa Gold 
05.Tales Of (Wo)men 
06.This Mo(u)rning feat. Drea d'Nur 
07.Poetry: How Does It Feel Now???
08.Walking The Block feat. Drea d'Nur 
09.The Journey… Aflame 
10.Rhyme Ryder’s High
11.Journey Exit: Aflame


Prometheus Brown & Bambu (The Bar) - "At it Again" [Official Music Video]

quinta-feira, 26 de julho de 2012

El Chavo - Jahred + remixes 2012

Em 2009 Joan Pedrosa aka El Chavo do Debiliorithmico gravou esta track pela root70lounge, apos 3 anos, Josh Fontan e Joan Pedrosa aka Debilorithmico criaram a Molts Records, gravadora independente que promove vários estilos musicais, lançaram Jahred + remixes pela propria gravadora, da um check na original e na sequencia baixe o remix.

01.Jahred feat. Mataji (Original Version)
02.Jahred feat. Mataji (Manuvers Remix)
03.Jahred feat. Mataji (Strand Remix)
04.Jahred feat. Mataji (Sairu Remix)



[Closed Sessions] Raekwon: “Keep It Politics” (prod. by DJ Babu)

Get More: Sucker Free, MTV2

LRG Clothing Company & Beat Junkie Sound Present "FOR THE RECORD" Twenty Years of Beat Junkies Anniversary Documentary

Shuko, Akua Naru, Ty, Fresh Daily, Rufus Dipper - In Remembrance Of Amy EP 2012

Seleção de tracks inspirada na eterna Amy Whinehouse, cuidadosamente produzidas por Shuko,ouve ai.

01.Shuko - Best Friends feat. TY & Akua Naru
02.Shuko - Drinking Instrumental 
03.Shuko - Grind Feat. Fresh Daily & Rufus Dipper
04.Shuko - Better Day Instrumental


Mr. J. Medeiros - Pale Blue Dot EP 2012

01.Pale Blue Dot feat. Giannina Ashe
02.Old Man Perez
03.These Hands feat. The Nigel Bird Trio
04.What of Love feat. Jonathan Korsyzk
05.Pale Blue Dot 20Syl Remix feat. Shad
06.These Hands - Animal House Remix


Mr. J. Medeiros "The Rockies" video oficial + música 2012

Nas- Life is Good (Originals) 2012 Mixed by Dj Big Texas

40 Winks - It's The Trip 2011

Simplesmente alucinante, como o nome já diz "It's The Trip", é uma viajem sonora que vai além da imaginação, comandada pelos produtores belga  Weedy e Padmo, que depois de alguns anos trampando solos e outros projetos estão de volta com mais uma trip auditiva, disco duplo lançado no ano passado de altíssima qualidade, ouça e viaje.

02.Outside The Box
03.Tribal Recipe 
04.The Day Breaks
05.The Journey (Interlude)
06.Sun Spots
07.Malicious Choir
08.Sales Over Soul
09.Subtle Piece
10.Kodak Moment
11.Mood Adapter (Prelude)
12.Mood Adapter
14.Winkz Waltz
15.Vocal Play
16.40 Layers
18.Not The Destination


Bostic Beats - One Eyed Kings & You Like This Presents: Spring Cleaning Sessions Vol. 1 2012

Album instrumental do produtor Mr. Bostic do One Eyed Kings, sempre demonstrando otimos trampos junto com o emcee Bravo One, mando mais essa bomba pra nos apreciarmos, cata logo uma "kingsize" e boomm!! rs...

01.The Odyssey
03.Hand Rolled Cigarettes
04.Ignorant Levels
05.Time Polished
06.New Smack City
07.Slow Kill Zone
09.Five Foot Bong Rip
10.Under The Gun Tower



Theory Hazit - Thr3e 2012

01.Three Intro
02.Find Me (feat. B. Reith)
03.What Lies Beneath (feat. Melanie Rutherford)
04.Old Derty Hazit
06.Angel Pt.2
07.I Need You More Than Ever (feat. Donavan Luke Henry)
08.For A Lack Of A Better Word
09.As The Day Goes Bye (feat. Colette Chantel)
10.Change Gonna Come (feat. Melanie Rutherford)
11.Distorted Joy
12.Doomsday Insurance


Dert - Thr3e Instrumentals 2012

BEATSEEK esta de volta, como sempre mostrando o que existe de melhor em música dos mais variados gêneros. E retornando em grande estilo com essa bomba instrumental do monstruoso beatmaker Dert,  segue abaixo o refinadíssimo album Thr3e Instrumentals, do album  Thr3e - Theory Hazit, baixe, ouça e fortaleça.

01.Ol Derty Hazit
02.Jo Jo Dancer
03.More Than Ever
04.For Lack of a Better Word
05.What Lies Beneath
09.Distorted Joy
10.Find Me
11.Change Come
12.Days Go By
13.Doomsday Insurance